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Welcome to DAGAZ online modern art gallery. We focus on elegant style and high quality artworks which help complete your perfect home design. Our purpose and main passion is to make contemporary art accessible to everyone by offering affordable original artworks and canvas prints. At Dagaz Gallery we love connecting people with art on a personal level! Browse through our work and find your perfect match!

We are obsessed with the feeling of early morning & passionate to convey its amazing energy through art.

Our art is about exploring the dynamic of new possibilities, transformation, rebirth, reset, that amazing early morning light, the refreshing air, the atmosphere, tranquility and magic of early dawn.

We strive to offer wide range of decorative and fine art reminiscent of this experience – the change of light, the sunrise, sungazing, the invigorating scent of coffee, the early yoga class, the meditation, the early morning run, the dog walks, the no people in the streets yet walks…all the amazing things you get to experience courtesy of early morning vibe!

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We care about latest trends in home decor and strive to create art which matches the style of your home. DAGAZ gallery is dedicated to offer wide selection of art across many fine art media and a variety of aesthetic approaches as well. One of our most favorite styles is abstract art. Visit our shop to see available original paintings or large format quality prints. Our entire art production is of the highest quality and there is a lot of love and care invested into each piece. Enjoy!


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