Blake Zucker

As an artist with Autism and Synesthesia,  I feel colors as work. My ideas are best expressed creatively through pottery. The responsive nature of clay interests me. It is malleable and forgiving, and thus pottery is naturally rich in metaphor and emotion.
I’m fascinated with exploring techniques to reveal the earthy organic textures within the clay and glazes.
Blake Zucker, age 28, began his artistic journey at age 5.. 3 years after being diagnosed with Autism. He did not have the words to express his inner self and boundless creativity, so he chose to communicate through art.
Blake’s self expression grew through art-making,and he developed an enduring passion for ceramics. This artist has discovered his purpose of creating beautiful and functional art for people to enjoy.
He began exhibiting his art at age 7. Blake’s artworks have been featured in galleries, museums and shops in New York City, Detroit, Hollywood and Italy. Blake has always been inspired by the beauty of nature, reflected in many of his works.
Now a young man, Blake Zucker exemplifies how creatively, persistence and compassion can break boundaries and expectations. Blake has a studio in Ferndale, Michigan and is looking forward to building his own gas reduction kiln.