Laia Kaie

Laia is a poly-creative based in Grafton, Australia, who loves combining art with various crafts in an unique visual blend. Most of her work is created within the range of digital art, illustration, paper mache sculptures, macrame wall hangings and dioramas.

Laia Kaie is an art name of Danka Jankelova. Laia was born in former Czechoslovakia in an amazing place where everything was on the edge, where everything clashed with everything sharply – cities with nature, past with the future, grayscales with fluros…in a decade where changes were imposed rather abruptly and boldly. The rapid discarding of old structures and the birth of new ones was always fascinating. Witnessing all this has become a major inspiration for Laia who’s always felt a deep and real connection to an ancient energy or spirit, and it’s world somehow long lost and gone.

Nothing can be done about the endless swirl of creation and destruction, but we have the ability to reconnect with the spirits, as only the material things cease to exist. Things get lost with time, important knowledge is forgotten. A quest to break the cycle of amnesia we are ultimately predestined to be subjected to, over and over again, due to cyclic nature of everything, has become Laia’s ultimate purpose of her work.

Laia’s art attempts to re-establish an aesthetic connection with forgotten cultures of ancient narratives and with civilizations of extreme antiquity by channeling the mystic and mythological quality into our contemporary world – creating an imaginary bridge across time through a very tangible, bright and energetic artworks and design objects.

Below we invite you to browse through the exclusive collection of artworks Laia has created for Dagaz Gallery.