Vlado Goreski

Vlado Goreski – Rafik  is a scenographer, graphic artist and designer of theatre posters. He finished secondary school in Bitola, and he graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje, Department History of Art at 1981. He has studied at the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1980 he began to volunteer, and in 1981 he was employed as painter-artist at the National Theatre Bitola. In 1982 he was employed in Institute, Museum and Gallery in Bitola as curator of contemporary art.

He had his first solo exhibition in 1981, and since then he is permanently present with solo and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. On the field of art critics he is present primarily in the graphics art, but he does not neglect the other art parts. His artistic affirmation turns internationally as well, as jury member, selector and expert consultant:

He is member of the international jury of the Graphic Biennial in Varna, Bulgaria. He was member of the International Jury of Gallery of World Drawing in Skopje, North Macedonia.

He was selector of authors, representatives of the country of North Macedonia, and presenter of the collection of the International Graphic Triennial – Bitola at the Graphic Triennial in Chamalières, France. In addition, he presents artists from other countries at this triennial.

He was expert consultant and participated in organizing the 2nd International Graphic Biennial, Čačak, Serbia, 2014.