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Experiential Expressionism : A modern evolution, my artistic development to find new ways of expressing myself, bending rules, ideas and concepts to create something that is truly mine. My art is about finding that equilibrium, in which I capture a moment, a sensation that was in our now and vanished shortly after. Even when current times seem to be an endless hurdle, my work tries to extract the colorful moments that keep us going. The current work focuses on the unknown, the mystery of something that we haven’t seen yet and finding stories that haven’t been told yet. It is about extending the experience of art beyond the initial medium, finding new ways of expressing myself and questioning the power of art. From a young age (born in the Netherlands) the human behavior mesmerized me. One of the key elements I want to investigate is how to transform the experience of observing art into an almost tangible sensation. Not only learning to master the technical skills , but creating new and better experiences. One of the main focuses is blending cinema (film) with the physical world and creating installation art that intertwines different forms into an experience. It is about integrating the way you see/feel/react into the work and use those parameters to push boundaries forward. Our experience of life is among the most interesting questions an artist can ask, my endless curiosity for what we don’t know yet drives me to experiment and express my view of my reality. Art isn’t only in the power of the artist, but in finding the right tone, sensation and color is something that is created by timing, in enjoying the coincidental, to let go and to just try and try again. [foogallery id=”5519″]