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Welcome to Early Dawn 1/2021 Virtual Exhibition. We are so thrilled you are here! Hope you’ll enjoy the visit! Inside and around this space you’ll find artworks by our featured artists. The great amount of talent and uniqueness has made it possible to to make this a truly powerful experience, the kind only abstract art can provide. It will give you the freedom to explore and find your own meanings, be inspired, be energized, and refreshed. This exhibition includes artworks by: Aristo Vopenka | Nikolay Vlahov | Rosalinda Occhipinti | Shivani Dixit | Zosia Zoltkowski | Cheolyu Kim Please visit our website for a closer look & more information All artworks shown are for sale and can be purchased via our Gallery’s Shop: Thank you again for visiting our latest art exhibition! If you’d like to get in touch please email us at: we’d love to hear from you! Kindest regards & best wishes! and lots and lots of health! Dagaz Gallery Please visit this  virtual exhibition below, or directly on Artsteps here