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We’d love to invite you browse through the selection of original artworks featured in the our first curated art show of 2020 – Early Dawn 01. Featured artists for 1/2020 Early Dawn online exhibition: BLAKE ZUCKER | VLADO GORESKI | KAORU SHIBUTA MARTA FOLDESOVA | ZUZANA PETRAKOVA | LAIA KAIE   Selected artworks from Early Dawn 1/2020 are available in our SHOP  


As an artist with Autism and Synesthesia,  I feel colors as work. My ideas are best expressed creatively through pottery. The responsive nature of clay interests me. It is malleable and forgiving, and thus pottery is naturally rich in metaphor and emotion. I’m fascinated with exploring techniques to reveal the earthy organic textures within the clay and glazes.
Blake Zucker, age 28, began his artistic journey at age 5.. 3 years after being diagnosed with Autism. He did not have the words to express his inner self and boundless creativity, so he chose to communicate through art. Blake’s self expression grew through art-making,and he developed an enduring passion for ceramics. This artist has discovered his purpose of creating beautiful and functional art for people to enjoy.
He began exhibiting his art at age 7. Blake’s artworks have been featured in galleries, museums and shops in New York City, Detroit, Hollywood and Italy. Blake has always been inspired by the beauty of nature, reflected in many of his works.
Now a young man, Blake Zucker exemplifies how creatively, persistence and compassion can break boundaries and expectations. Blake has a studio in Ferndale, Michigan and is looking forward to building his own gas reduction kiln.
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Vlado Goreski – Rafik  is a scenographer, graphic artist and designer of theatre posters. He finished secondary school in Bitola, and he graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje, Department History of Art at 1981. He has studied at the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1980 he began to volunteer, and in 1981 he was employed as painter-artist at the National Theatre Bitola. In 1982 he was employed in Institute, Museum and Gallery in Bitola as curator of contemporary art. He had his first solo exhibition in 1981, and since then he is permanently present with solo and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. On the field of art critics he is present primarily in the graphics art, but he does not neglect the other art parts. His artistic affirmation turns internationally as well, as jury member, selector and expert consultant: He is member of the international jury of the Graphic Biennial in Varna, Bulgaria. He was member of the International Jury of Gallery of World Drawing in Skopje, North Macedonia. He was selector of authors, representatives of the country of North Macedonia, and presenter of the collection of the International Graphic Triennial – Bitola at the Graphic Triennial in Chamalières, France. In addition, he presents artists from other countries at this triennial. He was expert consultant and participated in organizing the 2nd International Graphic Biennial, Čačak, Serbia, 2014.
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Kaoru Shibuta reads the unique air and consciousness of the energy and climate of the land and make it a work. The works will be inspired by the local culture and atmosphere, by means of zazen. He grew up freely with the nature and animation. Also he have learned Japanese tradition and calligraphy, Japanese painting, tea ceremony, Ikebana, zen meditation. Currently working on art works based in Kyoto and Berlin. Since 2018, have been producing, presenting, and performing live performances at artist in residences around the world, including the Barcelona Arts and Culture Center Espronceda, Arts Santa Monica, and Russian National Center for Contemporary Arts. Currently working on art works based in Kyoto and Berlin. Through local culture and energy of atmosphere, I create a poetic symphony composed of images, colours and harmony, which is a perfect fusion between nature, music and art. The works will also be inspired by local culture and atmosphere. I read the unique air, consciousness of the energy and climate of the land. Then, I turn those into work. Sound connects my hearing and sight, and it paints my mind colorfully. I want to make viewers of my work feel as if they were listening to music. My work is based on Mozart’s music. If Mozart is the one who composes music to link the terrestrial world to the celestial world, I am the one who undertakes him to propagate it with my painting. If Beethoven is the one who composes music to surpass philosophy, I am the one who gives it a shape with my paintings. J・S・Bach is the old testament Bible of classical music.
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Zuzana is visual artist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. She works on different artistic projects, all connected trough emotional experience, rare perception and subconscious processing. Work with color is intuitive and satisfying and therefore encoded in artwork. Creative process for her is very present, and often opening higher consciousness. Like breathing, heart beat color and shapes occur on the canvas.
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Marta Földešová is a photographer based in Bratislava. She worked as a photojournalist for print media and currently works as a freelancer. In her work she focuses mainly on portrait and family photography. Its aim is to make photos look natural. She has long been involved in documenting the children’s soul. “Tabula rasa” is the first part of this series, where she documented the evolution of the purity and lightness of the child’s soul. The second part, “Transformation”, focuses on the transformation-conversion of the spotless soul into a teenager. She illustrates the soul photography with images of nature, which is a part of the unstoppable cycle of life as in man life.
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Laia is a poly-creative based in Grafton, Australia, who loves combining art with various crafts in an unique visual blend. Most of her work is created within the range of digital art, illustration, paper mache sculptures, macrame wall hangings and dioramas.

Laia Kaie is an art name of Danka Jankelova. Laia was born in former Czechoslovakia in an amazing place where everything was on the edge, where everything clashed with everything sharply – cities with nature, past with the future, grayscales with fluros…in a decade where changes were imposed rather abruptly and boldly. The rapid discarding of old structures and the birth of new ones was always fascinating. Witnessing all this has become a major inspiration for Laia who’s always felt a deep and real connection to an ancient energy or spirit, and it’s world somehow long lost and gone.

Nothing can be done about the endless swirl of creation and destruction, but we have the ability to reconnect with the spirits, as only the material things cease to exist. Things get lost with time, important knowledge is forgotten. A quest to break the cycle of amnesia we are ultimately predestined to be subjected to, over and over again, due to cyclic nature of everything, has become Laia’s ultimate purpose of her work.

Laia’s art attempts to re-establish an aesthetic connection with forgotten cultures of ancient narratives and with civilizations of extreme antiquity by channeling the mystic and mythological quality into our contemporary world – creating an imaginary bridge across time through a very tangible, bright and energetic artworks and design objects.

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