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DAGAZ modern art gallery
Art is the most powerful force. Creativity and creation are an incredibly powerful tools for transformation. Everyone is able to experience art by emersing themselves in the energy of the artwork.
If you let art into your life or into your home, or both, something amazing will happen.
The roughness of daily life will be softened. The navigation through whatever you are dealing with will be easier. The trivialities will be less burdening. Your mind will be clearer, you will have much more energy. New perspectives of seeing basically everything will open up for you. Art is refreshing. It challenges stereotypes, it ignites internal change an {r}evolution of mind and soul, a path to a better self.
Story of the Dagaz Gallery revolves around the idea of the light that always returns after darkness. Sunrise as the natural phenomenom reminds us of this rhythm which provides for life itself.
Meaning of the word “Dagaz” comes from “d” rune (ᛞ) which is called dæg meaning “day”. Dagaz is a rune of the burst of light at the moment of illumination, essence of natural daylight and the glorious strength of the sun. Dagaz rune thus signifies brightness, growth, progress, development, and sometimes fundamental change. In spiritual concept, it is the divine light, the high point of the natural cycle of darkness-light-darkness.
Our story
Seeing human being as part of universe, we find similar pattern in evolution of psyche in life. We all go trough changes which state for stages of our growth. During the time of crisis, we sometimes may even forget about the brightness. Not having tangible reference of present prosperity, it is easy to lose the importance of darkness in our life. But it is the depth of night which serves the power of light.
Aim of the DAGAZ Gallery is to collect and deliver to audience a body of artworks with message of enlightenment. Dawn is hope, a moment in which our dreams are possible. New start, fresh view, clear mind, or just a deep breath.
We focus on contemporary artists, who are working in current social and cultural environment and thus can provide
actual reference to society, culture and current events, as well as respond to fresh design and home decor trends.
“At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.”
― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories