Macrame is an ancient form of textile craft. It has been enjoyed for many many thousands of years and its popularity survived into modern times due to its striking visual artistic qualities. Wall hangings are a delightful and energetic piece of home decor, that have the power to bring positive vibes to your home and make any space much more cozy.

Ancient Middle Eastern cultures have been great preservers of this wonderful craft. In Europe macrame gained huge popularity in 19th century as a whimsical feature in garden parties and even balls. In fact, most households were beautified  by some form of macrame decoration. In more recent times, macrame was vastly popular as a major trend in the 1970’s and is again one of the most dominant home decor contemporary trends.

While there may have been popularity peaks recorded throughout history, it is most probable that macrame is globally universal and constant folk art element of peoples all around the world. An unique form of art that has always been around.

Macrame is hardly ever a subtle decoration. It is a statement piece that has a great impact on the energy of the room. Knot as key element of this technique allowed macrame to be used not only for decorative pieces, but also for functional additions in households such as plant holders, hammocks, swings, curtains and jewelry.  The list doesn’t end here of course. As a useful craft its has been spread throughout millennia by travelers. Whether it be sailors or monks, such a versatile technique wasn’t there just to please the eye, it has also been a very useful skill.

Nonetheless, the visual aspect of macrame wall hangings is striking and hard to beat. Decorative wall hangings have their function too. There is more than meets the eye. Macrame has the power “cheer up” any space, bring positivity and good energy into a home. It can be paired with painting or sculptures to create a unique feature in living areas, or hung above your bed to create a sense of tranquility. The long pieces are a stunning wall embellishment for staircases, or curtains over arched doorways for a truly amazing bohemian feel.

Macrame as any other art form relies heavily on imagination and creativity, so the possibilities are endless. As such, macrame as craft is evolving. Today we are living in an amazing times for this craft with many artists enriching this ancient technique.

Dagaz Gallery in collaboration with IPI KA IPI is happy to present to you an exclusive collection of macrame wall hangings. This collection is created by our artist Laia Kaie and all pieces are exclusive to Dagaz Gallery