Marta Foldesova

Marta Földešová is a photographer based in Bratislava. She worked as a photojournalist for print media and currently works as a freelancer. In her work she focuses mainly on portrait and family photography. Its aim is to make photos look natural. She has long been involved in documenting the children’s soul. “Tabula rasa” is the first part of this series, where she documented the evolution of the purity and lightness of the child’s soul. The second part, “Transformation”, focuses on the transformation-conversion of the spotless soul into a teenager. She illustrates the soul photography with images of nature, which is a part of the unstoppable cycle of life as in man life.


“Tabula rasa” – a document describing a child’s soul in its purity. A series of photos
won 1st place in the competition Slovak Press Photo 2015 in the category Art a
“Tabula rasa / Transormation” – continuation of document Tabula rasa
capturing the maturing of the child’s soul.
„We are like you“ – traveling exhibition of portraits of children with Down syndrome
to integrate these children into society.
“We are like you / Relationship” – portraits of families with Down’s syndrome
depicting family relationships.
“ID” – a dance, music and photo project about personality identity.
“Free Associations” – ​​the feelings of two girlfriends from everyday life captured
cameras that have created random associations.