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    How to care for your artwork

    LIGHT Although art cannot be enjoyed without light, it is important to be aware that light can cause permanent damage to prints, drawings and even paintings. Heat and light accelerate fading and discoloration of paper, but the amount of destruction depends on the intensity and duration of exposure to these elements. Invisible ultraviolet rays from sunlight and fluorescent lighting cause the most damage. Avoid hanging art in direct or reflected sunlight. Draw blinds or shades during the brightest part of the day to help prevent damage. Once fading occurs, there is no way to restore the colors. You might also consider rotating artwork. Remember, when handling a picture, use both…

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    Reasons for high quality picture framing

    There are many ways how to display artworks on the walls of your home. Store bought affordable frames are a great way to have fun decorating your home with decorative pieces or creative decor that is not of considerable value and which you don’t plan on having on the wall for a long long time. When you decide to invest into valuable piece of art, whether it would be an original painting or a limited print, we strongly recommend also investing into getting your new acquisition professionally framed in a conservation framing to preserve its value. Materials cheap store bought frames are made from, are most often of harmful non-conservation…

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    Macrame is an ancient form of textile craft. It has been enjoyed for many many thousands of years and its popularity survived into modern times due to its striking visual artistic qualities. Wall hangings are a delightful and energetic piece of home decor, that have the power to bring positive vibes to your home and make any space much more cozy. Ancient Middle Eastern cultures have been great preservers of this wonderful craft. In Europe macrame gained huge popularity in 19th century as a whimsical feature in garden parties and even balls. In fact, most households were beautified  by some form of macrame decoration. In more recent times, macrame was…

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    New dawn

    Many elements of natural world evolve in cyclic rhythm. Day-night change can be taken further to symbolic analogy in psychology of human being. One of the main concepts of Dagaz Gallery revolves around the idea of  the light that always returns after darkness. Sunrise as the natural phenomenom reminds us of this rhythm which provides for life itself. Meaning of the word “Dagaz” comes from “d” rune (ᛞ) which is called dæg meaning “day”. Dagaz is a rune of the burst of light at the moment of illumination, essence of natural daylight and the glorious strength of the sun. Dagaz rune thus signifies brightness, growth, progress, development, and sometimes fundamental change.…

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    Fresh home design trends for 2018

    Metallic accent For home decor accessories we divide metallic in two main categories – warm and cool. Gold, bronze, brass or copper are considered warm. Silver, platinum and steel are on the other side cool. In acrylic wall art, we go even further. While working with color, artist can mix these basic metallic colors with any other color. Broad palette of metallic hues is created to be part of acrylic painting. Using metallic accent in wall art gives it special characteristic. Painting has slightly different atmosphere depending on the angle of light falling upon its surface. You can create many distinct views while arranging small lights around it. Our tip…

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    New art collection out now!

    Dagaz proudly presents new collection of original acrylic paintings. New series is created by artist Zuzane Pera for Dagaz Gallery. All works are medium size acrylic canvas paintings. Originals and prints are available at our e-shop.   [product_category category=”new-collection” per_page=”” columns=”” orderby=”default” order=”ASC” operator=”IN”]