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Over the years, I stayed true to colors. The idea about building my own spiritual home was born, where I can invite anyone who dared to look at the world with different eyes. I consider myself as a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of painting, photography, design and writing. Mainly inspired by the diversity, the unpredictability and the sublimity of nature, I always look for discovering or creating new worlds ― real and imaginary, concrete and abstract, visual and emotional. For me personally, the creativity is a blessing gift of watching, hearing, sensing and artistically re-creating what has already been created by the nature. It is a process of taking a divine particle and expand it, a process of giving it a new life, a new form, a new breath ― part of my own being. In the area of painting, I would define myself as a mixed media neo-abstractionist who experiments with different techniques, materials, colours and objects. My art is a declaration of love to the mystical energy of pictorial forms ― the energy to ignite the emotional wellbeing and to uplift the human spirit. My art is an invocation to dare to express the inner most being. At the same time, it’s a kind of apologia to the uniqueness of each one of us. [foogallery id=”5521″]